Spaghetti pumpkin
Long-life super nice vegetable for growing in the (vegetable) garden.

You can easily grow a spaghetti pumpkin yourself. Sow the seeds in a tray and plant them out in the garden once the plants are large enough.
Mind you, the pumpkin plant needs some space. A vegetable garden or a bare piece of land is ideal for this.

Special pumpkin variety
You can call this pumpkin variety special. Cut the pumpkin in half. Take out the inside (the seeds and loose threads). Then prepare it according to the recipe by boiling or cooking it in the oven. After this, the inside of the pumpkin is edible as long spaghetti strings.

Sowing spaghetti pumpkin
From mid March onwards you can start sowing indoors in a seedbed. From May onwards you can also sow outside. The seeds look like normal pumpkin seeds.
After emergence it is best to prick out the plants in a pot and let them root. After the chance of frost has passed you can plant the pumpkin plants outside.


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