Goatsbeard – beautiful in plant borders
Goatsbeard, who came up with this name for such a beautiful garden plant. In fact, it does not look much like the beard of a goat to me. But when this shrub blooms, it is a picture perfect plant with beautiful white plumes. Aruncus Diocus is the Latin name. It is a plant that can grow quite large, up to about 2 metres high.
In a planted border, it is best to place goatsbeard at the back.

Goatsbeard is a perennial garden plant. You can leave it in the garden all year round. At the end of the season, around October/November, cut off the dead flowers. The next year the plant will return by itself.

Plant combinations with goatsbeard
Goatsbeard – Aruncus Dioicus – is a lovely perennial for creating combinations in a border. This border plant can grow to a height of 1.5 – 2 metres and is therefore suitable for larger borders. It is a very easy plant. At the end of the season, you cut back the plant, and every year new shoots and beautiful white-soft yellow flower spikes appear in its place.

Goatsbeard is also beautiful when it is out of flower. You can leave the flowers on the plant until autumn. Some people cut the branches for use in bouquets. Goatsbeard thrives in slightly moist soil, but my experience is that it does very well in open ground as well. It flowers from June to August.

I have planted it next to purple-blue shades such as Delphinium and Nepeta, but many other combinations are possible. The flowers of Aruncus are like Astilbe, fine spikes on long threads.
Combine it with plants with a very different structure or contrasting colour. Goatsbeard then stands out the most.

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